Logistics centers

At logistics centers everything has to run like clockwork, because this is the very heart of any goods distribution operation. Freedom from supports and wide spans are also required in order to allow maximum flexibility in the use of space. To ensure that everything runs as smoothly during the construction phase as in later operations, builders and planners rely on the fast and easy installation of ROMA panels, which can be laid from the wall to the roof without requiring a pressing tool. In the process, the components fit together precisely with a labyrinth effect thanks to the double tongue-and-groove connection.

By choosing ROMA, fire sections can also be installed during assembly without additional effort. The panels, which are used in the transition from PU foam to mineral wool, are prepared at the factory and delivered to the construction site ready for installation. For an airtight building envelope that meets the highest requirements for fire protection and energy efficiency. The result: Efficient construction and operation – right from the beginning.

The Copenhagen Market in Tastrup, Denmark, was built with ROMA panels in a wide variety of colors, which gives the large-scale construction the appearance of a colorfully loaded container ship from a distance. It is a clearly visible sign of modern logistics architecture even from miles away.


Spedition Braun und Troy,
Hard AT
Forwarding agencies

M120 in RAL 9006,
FV120 in RAL 9006
Copenhagen Market,
Tastrup DK
Wholesale for food and flowers

P170 - RAL 6005, 6011, 6020, 9006, 9007, 9010
FP170 - RAL 9006, 9007, 9010
Storehouse, office and shop

M120 in RAL 9005
Tricor Packaging & Logistics AG,
Bad Wörishofen
Packaging company

FP100 microlined - RAL 7016 and RAL 9006