ROMA History
70 years high quality, flexible service and fitting products

ROMA — a success story, that began in 1948


Reinhold Romakowski founded a ceramic and wood processing company in 1948. The site of the original cabinet maker’s shop is also the current site of the company in Buttenwiesen, Swabia. By specializing in food preservation during its early years, the company laid the cornerstone for products which in some cases are still being made today. Among other products, the company made commercial refrigerators, communal refrigeration and freezing equipment, but with a focus on cold storage and freezer doors.


By 1962 the company introduced reconfigurable cold-store and deep freeze cells. This marked the beginning of panel production at the company.


In 1967 ROMA broke new ground by introducing the use of rigid polyurethane foam, revolutionizing the manufacturing process for structural insulating panels. This innovation allowed large sandwich panels to be manufactured equipped with the best insulating materials while offering many different options for designing and combining space units. This new process made sandwich panel use easier to adapt to customer requirements and thus ensured the future success of the company.


Thanks to the considerable demand for ROMA products, in 1973 the company decided to implement a completely new sandwich panel manufacturing process: The company began operating the world's first twin-belt system for manufacturing cold store and deep freeze elements. This increased annual output from 40,000 m2 to 400,000 m2.

Ever since, tailor-made commercial space solutions for various temperature specifications, customized and physiologically harmless surfaces, a wide range of colours and nearly unlimited panel lengths have made sandwich panel construction overwhelmingly successful.

ROMA expanded its business activities to international markets with customers in France and the Netherlands and more countries after that.
At the same time, the company continued to expand its main production facility and with its continuously growing product range evolved into a construction engineering panel maker for industrial and commercial buildings meeting the most stringent requirements.


Millions of euros in further capital investment and the innovative developments demonstrate how ROMA, as a single-course supplier, is now systematically pursuing the goal of meeting industry demand for specialized insulating panels, doors and accessories. This is a challenge we enjoy meeting each day. So everything fits.