Gas stations

The assortment of goods available at service stations is becoming more and more extensive. Especially at peak times and outside normal opening hours, your customers rely on your store to meet their needs for everyday groceries and chilled snacks and drinks. The challenge for cooling systems at service stations which enhance revenues thus involves five areas: It should make it possible to present goods in an appealing way in limited space, allow rapid and effective restocking when customer traffic is high, and ensure the timely sale of goods and consistently comply with the cooling chain. A single cold-store cell with integrated shelf and glass access doors has to do a great deal.

A ROMA cold-store cell – developed specifically for service stations – meets all these requirements. The cold-store cell is filled from the back, so your staff have short distances between storage and cooling and are quickly back in the store to serve customers. Filling the goods from the back also ensures products with the shortest shelf life are always at the front of the shelf (FIFO). Cold-store cell partitioning is flexible, so products can be restocked in varying quantities depending on the time of day or season. Glass doors provide clear presentation of the goods and thus a greater incentive to buy. And customers who like to serve themselves from cold-store cells are also more likely to purchase from the rest of the range – boosting sales even more.

ROMA cold store cell for IHLE BAKER'S at the electric car super charging station in Zusmarshausen.
Shell gas station,
Walk-in cooler with shelving system and glass retrieval doors
RAN gas station,
Cold-store cell with glass covered door