Step cut for your panels - fits perfectly

You can have your panels for wall-ceiling connections of any kind, whether for interior storage rooms, cold rooms or other applications, manufactured with a step cut ex works on request. The advantages are obvious. By milling the tongue-and-groove connection on the cooled sandwich panels, we achieve optimum fitting accuracy and thus avoid cold bridges.

In order to achieve this advantage also with e.g. a wall-ceiling connection, we offer a factory-made step cut for our wall panels. The roof or ceiling panel adjoining the wall lies flat and stable on the step cut. For a better connection, the transition from the wall to the ceiling is foamed and the panels are sealed diffusion-tight at the end by facing with the matching flashings and sealing inside and outside.
Including the outer corner trim and inner corner trim, you end up with precisely fitting connections that also create a visually attractive overall impression.

Simply ask when you place your order, our sales staff will be happy to help you.

YouTube: Step cut for your panels | panel type P with 220 mm [HD | 4K]
YouTube: Step cut for your panels | panel type M with 120 mm [HD | 4K]