School partnership with the Anton-Rauch Secondary School in Wertingen

At the beginning of January, ROMA Insulation Systems and the Anton-Rauch-Secondary School in Wertingen sealed a future intensive co-operation with the presentation of a partnership certificate. With a variety of planned activities such as

  • applicant training
  • internship
  • presentation of the company and apprenticeships
  • company tours for teachers and school classes
  • expert presentations in the classroom

we would like to draw attention to our company as an attractive training company among pupils from school year 9 onwards.
Far too often, pupils are suddenly left out in the proverbial cold after leaving secondary school when it comes to their apprenticeship and a future career. This is where we want to proactively support both pupils and teachers, present our various apprenticeships in more detail and whet young people's appetites.

Nothing is more important for Germany as a business location than offering young people the best possible prospects. In view of the shortage of skilled labour, the classic, solid apprenticeship system is all the more important.

We are looking forward to exciting encounters, many interesting discussions and perhaps also to one or two trainees finding their way into our company.

Read more in the Wertinger Zeitung (German only).

Image from left to right:
front: Klemens Wölfel (Romakowski), Nicole Gut (co-ordinator for career orientation, Secondary School), Tina Strizrep (IHK Schwaben)
back: Ralf Gerstmayr (instructor at Romakowski), Patrick Rossow (business teacher, Secondary School), Lena Bühringer (Co. Ulrich Reitenberger Bau)