PIR sandwich panels for large roof areas

The ROMA PIR roof panel type D142 has passed the test according to DIN 18234-1 for large roof areas with fire load from below.

According to the industrial building directive, roofing of fire compartments with a roof area of more than 2,500m² must be designed in such a way that the spread of fire across the roof is inhibited. This is considered to be fulfilled if roofs according to DIN 18234 or roofs made of non-combustible building materials (MW roof panel type FD) are built.

The Industrial Building Directive deals with many issues concerning the fire protection of a building, e.g. fire compartments, fire water requirements and sprinkler systems. It is included in the list of technical building regulations (LTB) and is therefore binding.

Structural fire protection is regulated in the state building regulations with reference to the technical building regulations (LTB).

The state building regulations require, for example, that roof constructions must be resistant to flying sparks and radiant heat (DIN 4102-4), and that no highly flammable building materials may be used. The ROMA roof panel is considered a hard roofing and has always fulfilled this requirement.