Pilot project with Biomass-Balance sandwich panels

On the premises of the company Penzkofer Bau GmbH in Regen, one of the first sites is now being constructed with only sandwich panels produced with Biomass Balance systems from BASF being used.

The sandwich elements with an Elastopir® core from BASF were all manufactured at the production site of ROMA Insulation Systems in Buttenwiesen. The finished elements do not appear to be different to conventional panels, but with Biomass Balance systems, fossil raw materials are already replaced by renewable raw materials during production, eliminating a 100 percent of the CO₂ emissions. The wall and roof sandwich panels of the new production site have an extremely high insulation value, even at low thickness. Our Multi-layer construction elements are therefore ideal for manufacturing industrial buildings.

"Due to their excellent insulating properties, PU® or PIR® systems contribute to significant energy savings and thus help to reduce CO₂ emissions caused by cooling or heating buildings. For example, PU® insulation saves more than a hundred times the emissions needed in its production during its life cylce. Customers who choose PU® genuinely get modern, customised climate-friendly insulation." states Dr. Christian Renner (Team Leader Sales, Construction DACH, BASF Polyurethanes).

Of course, the strengths of PU or PIR insulation are no longer a secret to ROMA for we have been successfully producing panels with the aforementioned insulation core since the 1970s. Marta Romakowski (Head of Marketing, Shareholder, ROMA Insulation Systems) emphasises in the joint project between Penzkofer Bau GmbH and BASF:
"It has always been very important for us to adapt to market demands. This is why our new products are increasingly sustainable."

BASF intends to be climate neutral by 2050. In cooperation with BASF and our products, we help our customers to follow in our footsteps and achieve their own ambitious climate goals.

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