Parliamentary managing director Dr. Fabian Mehring informed himself at ROMA Insulation Systems

Can cooling systems from Buttenwiesen help with corona vaccination?

Vaccine development is currently shedding light at the end of the tunnel of the corona pandemic. The European Union, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Free State of Bavaria have already stockpiled options on the substances and intend to offer a wide range of vaccines as soon as the relevant vaccines are approved. One problem will then be that some vaccines will have to be cooled to a temperature of -80 degrees for biochemical reasons and then consumed within a few days. Part of the solution could come from Buttenwiesen, where ROMA Insulation Systems intends to produce suitable reefer containers.

For this reason, Dr. Fabian Mehring, the Parliamentary Managing Director of the FREIE WÄHLER party in the Bavarian Parliament, visited Romakowski GmbH & Co. KG on Monday to learn more about the subject of deep-freeze and refrigerated logistics in person. Sales manager cells, doors and chambers Matthias Lang and plant manager cells, doors and chambers Markus Bötsch reported on the challenges and technical possibilities involved in the deep-freezing of an mRNA vaccine using BioNTech/Pfizer as an example.

In conversation with the member of the Bavarian parliament, who is himself a member of the Bavarian parliament's cross-faction Corona TaskForce, all the challenges involved in logistics were discussed. Since the approval of the vaccine is imminent, the focus is on pragmatic solutions that can be implemented quickly if necessary. During the final tour of the plant, Dr. Mehring was able to gain an impression of the efficiency of the Buttenwiesen site.

Enthusiastic about the technical possibilities of the medium-sized company from the district of Dillingen, Mehring promised to approach Minister Aiwanger and Minister Huml for Economic Affairs and Health to encourage them to include the cooling competence of ROMA in the considerations of the state government regarding the implementation of the Bavarian vaccination strategy. Mehring can envisage a possible pilot project in the district of Dillingen, for which the state politician intends to consult with District Administrator Leo Schrell at short notice. "In these difficult times, pragmatic solutions are more important than ever. Bavaria's small and medium-sized enterprises have already made a considerable contribution to this when it comes to the short-term production of masks, disinfectants and protective equipment. This is why we are also counting on close cooperation with our local companies when it comes to the challenges of the vaccination offer", Mehring said.

During his visit to Buttenwiesen, the FREIE WÄHLER politician unequivocally rejected the idea of compulsory vaccination: "We rely on voluntary action. There will be no compulsory vaccination in the Free State," Mehring clarified.