NEW: Roof panel type RD for PV modules

In the construction industry, new solutions are needed to make buildings more sustainable and drive the energy transition. We have taken up this challenge and are pleased to present our product innovation, the future-oriented roof panel Type RD.

With the new roof panel Type RD, we are presenting a sandwich panel that makes the installation of a PV system much easier. Due to the mushroom-shaped ROMA roof profiling, you will be able to install your photovoltaic system in the future without drilling into the outer panel shell. Form-fitting clamps allow for easy and quick installation of your PV system and make the roof panel a good choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, energy-efficient and future-proof sandwich roof.

Your advantages at a glance
+ Fastening without drilling into the panel outer shell.
This protects against corrosion and leaks. It also allows easy positioning and readjustment of the modules.
+ Simple installation without complex substructure
You save an elaborate rail system and thus time and money during installation. Mounting in the deep bead is possible with or without calottes - separate from the photovoltaic mounting level.
+ Coordinated system from a single source
Almost all framed PV modules can be applied. The roof panel type RD is compatible with our proven ROMA MIWO and PIR roof panels.
+ Optimal rear ventilation
Due to the raised clamps, the PV modules are optimally back-ventilated, which improves the efficiency of the photovoltaic system.

Depending on the installation direction, the PV modules can be installed either with or without an aluminum rail system. We recommend the horizontal installation, so you save time and money during installation.

The roof panel type RD consists of two high-quality steel cover layers and a PIR rigid foam core with a factory-made triple seal in the joint. Thus, it combines the best for your roof on the outside and the inside: robust surfaces, excellent insulating properties and compatibility for easy installation of PV modules. The sandwich element is available in a construction width of 1,000 mm in lengths of up to 24 m and in insulation thicknesses of up to 170 mm (RD212) to suit your needs. We offer a variety of surface coatings and a wide range of colors to match your construction project. All components for fastening and sealing at ridge, eaves and verge can of course be purchased completely from us.

Key data on verifiability
- Preview at BAU23 in April
- Ordering and delivery expected from Q3/2023
- Approval expected from Q1/2024
- available in standard colors RAL 9002, RAL 7016, RAL 3009, RAL 9006, RAL 9007
- Type D will be replaced by type RD in the medium term