NEW: Romaplast sealing for mineral wool elements

High demands require special solutions: That is why your ROMA mineral wool elements are now also available with the permanently elastic sealant Romaplast. The additional sealant is ideal for properties with particularly high requirements for air tightness and fire protection.

The joint in our mineral wool elements already has an a-value of 0.012 m³/(hmdaPa0.72) for an FP060 without additional sealing. This is achieved, among other things, by the conical shape of the tongue and groove design of the sheet metal cover layers. If higher demands are made on the vapour tightness, it is now possible to apply an approx. 1 mm thick bead of Romaplast on the warm side (inside). Then the a-value is 0.001 m³/(hmdaPa0.72) or the air passage can no longer be determined.

If desired, the sealant can be applied to the mineral wool elements immediately during production.

Your advantages:

  • The inserted Romaplast sealant has no influence on the building material class A2-s1, d0 of the mineral wool elements.
  • Vapour diffusion into or through the joint is almost completely prevented.
  • Romaplast is a sealant that remains permanently elastic and therefore adapts to the movements of the elements.

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