New investment for sheet metal forming in ROMA cells, doors and chambers business unit

With the TruMatic 6000 punching laser machine from Trumpf, the machinery has been expanded to include state-of-the-art equipment and is thus perfectly equipped for the future.

The complete assembly of all plant components and the subsequent commissioning took place from the beginning of April to mid-May. Since May 14th, 2020 the first products such as panel floors have been produced on this production line.

The new punch-laser machine offers many technical possibilities. It can process panel sheets up to a maximum size of 3,115 mm x 1,650 mm and a material thickness of 5 mm. Since it is a combo - machine, it can cut parts with the CO2 laser and drill holes or notches with punching tools. What used to be done on two or three processing machines can now be achieved in one operation. In addition, the accuracy and quality of the sheet metal forming is very high and thus significantly improves our production quality. This is an important component for the satisfaction of our partners and customers.

A further advantage of this plant is that the sheet metal plates are automatically loaded onto the worktable of the punch-laser machinery by the Sheetmaster loading system and the finished parts are unloaded and stacked again after processing.

With the new system, we also have a complete digital workflow from design to production of the sheets on the TruMatic 6000.