Moeskjær builds production hall for "Bak's Bakery & Deli" for the production of rum balls

Our long-standing loyal customer / partner Moeskjær in Denmark has realised a great project for its customer Bak's Bakery & Deli Aps in Nr. Aaby, Denmark. Perhaps someone further north in Germany has already heard of Carsten Bak and the famous rum balls?

Carsten Bak owns Bak's Bakery & Deli, which produces 30,000 - 40,000 rum balls a week and uses around 600kg of chocolate to do so!
Moeskjær has built a new cold store and freezer room as well as a production hall so that they can expand their already delicious range even further.

Carsten says: "There weren't really many doubts, they found good solutions and so far it's been a good collaboration."

Watch the video to find out more about how the project went and how our customer Moeskjær and its customer Carsten Bak will continue to work together.

But what exactly is the role of ROMA Insulation Systems? Quite simply, all the panels installed come from the ROMA factory in Buttenwiesen. Panels for Denmark - made in Germany. Our long-standing and loyal customer Moeskjær will continue to rely on Swabian quality and our PIR and Miwo panels in the future.

About Moeskjaer ApS

Moeskjaer ApS has been working with us for almost 30 years.

Christian Moeskjaer says: "It is an important co-operation for us, as ROMA delivers quality for our refrigeration and freezer constructions. We are pleased about the good co-operation with Dieter Romakowski, Marta Romakowski, Tobias Ebert, Tobias Bau and Stefan Barnowski. This means a lot to us in the Danish market, where we have a strong presence."

He continues: "Like Moeskjaer, ROMA is a family business that has been run for several generations. Being part of a family business that has been in the industry for so many years makes me proud every day."

additional information:

Showcase at Moeskjaer

Watch video on YouTube (German & English subtitles)