Mineral wool roof panel - now with official approval

The official approvals for Germany (ABg - Allgemeine Bauartgenehmigung = general building type approval) are now available for our mineral wool roof panels.

The new type FD has a mineral wool core with a density of 120 kg/m³ and combines extraordinary economy with excellent mechanical and static properties. This makes it possible to significantly increase span widths. In the FD eco type, the density of the mineral wool core is reduced to 90 kg/m³ for improved U-values with reduced thickness. The focus here is both on CO₂ savings and weight reduction for special areas of application.

The geometry of the ROMA mineral wool roof panel is optimally matched to that of the ROMA PIR roof panel. The longitudinal joint between the mineral wool and PIR roof panel can therefore be made without additional effort.

The new FD142 also scores in fire resistance with REI 90 according to EN 13501-2 and thus meets the highest fire protection requirements.

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Our sales department will be happy to accept your enquiries from 1st July, 2021. Delivery can take place from October 1st.

All information on the MW type FD roof panels can be found on our website:
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