Marta Romakowski in the BASF Creator Talk at K trade fair

Last Monday, October 24th, owner and head of marketing Marta Romakowski took part in one of the Creator Talks at the BASF booth. Together with Rüdiger Voß from BASF and Daniel Weckesser from Kramer GmbH in Freiburg, the interesting round table discussion revolved around the topic of "sustainable insulation materials and solutions for sustainable construction". The focus was on the catering container, made of sustainable building materials from BASF. It was created in cooperation with Kramer GmbH and Romakowski using BASF's foam technologies. The advantages of PIR insulation materials were discussed, as well as the high potential also in terms of sustainable building in a construction industry sensitized by the energy and climate crises.

We would like to thank BASF and Kramer GmbH for the great discussion and look forward to a continued awesome and constructive cooperation.

Watch it straight on YouTube:
Sustainable Construction with PU sandwich panels
[English with subtitles (auto-generated)]

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