Less is more - ROMA panels with mineral wool insulation core are now even more efficient

Less is more - ROMA panels with mineral wool insulation core are now even more efficient

When realising industrial and commercial buildings, builders and planners are often faced with the challenge of reconciling design, economy and sustainability with complex fire protection specifications. With ROMA sandwich panels FV, FP and FD or eco and their non-combustible stone wool insulating core, this is possible economically, sustainably and flexibly. Why our mineral wool panels with new raw densities will perform even better in the future and which panel is the right one for your building project.

FP eco and FV eco wall panels with mineral wool insulation core with 90 kg/m3

+ easier to install, due to less weight
+ cheaper in acquisition
+ smaller panel thicknesses have a positive effect on transport costs
+ improvement of the U-value by 7 %¹
+ 100 % better span widths in a multi-panel system layout¹

¹ (compared to the previous version with 100 kg/m³)

The optimal solution for all those who need a non-combustible wall: Due to the change of the new volume weight and the resulting relief in total weight, the installation and handling of your ROMA sandwich panels will be even easier. Another important factor in favour of using Eco panels is the price. Rising raw material prices make building expensive and both installers and planners are often under enormous cost pressure. The ROMA Eco panel is the optimal solution: the U-value improves by 7% compared to a panel with 100 kg/m³ raw density, so you will need one panel thickness less in the future.

An example to illustrate this: to achieve the U-value of 0.24 W/(m²K) required by the EnEV, FP 200 panels were previously needed (U-value 0.208 W/(m²K)). Thanks to the optimisation, you now only need an FP eco 170 (U-value 0.228 W/(m²K)) to meet the required value. This means that from now on you will need one panel thickness less. This saves acquisition costs and operating costs down the line, as the insulation value even exceeds the specification despite the lower panel thickness.

The Eco panels also cut a solid figure in terms of span width: in the multi-panel system with visible mounting, we can achieve 100 % more span width compared to the 100 kg/m³ volume weight.

FP, FV and FD panels with mineral wool core with 120 kg/m3

+ Fire resistance class EI 90 up to 6 m support span width in horizontal installation without height limitation
+ 100 % larger span width in a multi-panel system²
+ optimized price-performance ratio
+ standard market density for planners

² (compared to the previous version with 135 kg/m³)

In addition to our new Eco panels, our FP, FV and FD panels have also been updated. By changing to the new volume weight of 120 kg/m3 , you will receive an improved version of the already well-known product in the future. The panels are ideal if a wall or roof with fire resistance class is required according to the tender.

By changing to 120 kg/m3 we are meeting the requirements of many planners and architects and now offer the most common density on the market at an ideal price-performance ratio. Even with the stronger version, ROMA manages to achieve more performance with less material input: The spans of your FP panel with the new volume weight of 120 kg/m3 have improved by 100% compared to the previous volume weight of 135 kg/m3 in the multi-field system. On top span widths are also impressive: With fire resistance class EI 90, we can achieve a span width of up to 6 metres with horizontal installation and without height limitation.