When using the ROMA5 BMB foam system, 100 % of fossil-based resources are replaced by organic waste. The result: unique thermal insulation with a minimal CO2 footprint.

The first “renewable” PIR foam system.

The standard ROMA5 foam-based system already stands out for its resource-conserving properties. With the additionally available ROMA 5 BMB variant, as the first manufacturer of sandwich façade elements, we integrate a biomass balance approach in an integrated production system. This ensures your construction projects are in balance with the environment.

How Biomass Balance works.

Biomass, such as from organic kitchen waste, is already used in production instead of fossil resources. ROMA offers a sustainable PU foam system that saves resources in which CO2 emissions can be reduced by about 50%. This is made possible by the TÜV Nord-certified biomass balance method from BASF available to ROMA customers.

Fossil-based resources are a legacy of the past. Guaranteed.

You can request a REDcert² certificate issued by TÜV Nord and a ROMA certificate both certifying the use of such non-fossil resources for each order placed.

ROMA environmental management.

An optimized production process and the use of renewable raw materials are only two of many steps toward more sustainability in our industry sector. Learn more about our environmental management here.