Sports facilities

When it comes to creating large sports complexes, the building components used have to deliver top performance too. In addition to impressive span widths and a largely column-free design, sports arenas offer other challenges which have to be mastered: The building envelope must be insulated to allow energy-efficient operation. And fire protection also plays a decisive role in the selection of the optimal material.

With ROMA, sports buildings of all kinds can be built cost-efficiently, with outstanding thermal insulation and fire protection ratings. That there are no limits to human imagination in this area is demonstrated by the all-season skiing facility in Oberhof. The building is unique in central Europe, thanks to its alpine slope and biathlon‑stadium, and is a paradise for recreational and professional athletes, and was built in only 14 months. To achieve this, 5,000 m² of P140 wall panels with PVDF coating were used in construction.

The optimal insulation is not only a question of keeping the inside temperature at a constant -3° to -4° C and humidity of 80% to 100%. It is also important to keep energy consumption as low as possible. To guarantee absolute airtightness, the panels were coated with ROMAplast.


Sports and health center

M170 iceCrystal dark brown
Ski Hall,
365 days of snow in Oberhof! The perfect environment for optimal snow quality was created with ROMA wall panels P140, coated on both sides with 35µm PVDF in RAL 9010.