The common ambition for a clean
and safe environment - ROMA

Environmental and energy management

We feel it is part of our corporate responsibility to join together to achieve a clean and safe environment. It goes without saying that we at ROMA comply with regulatory requirements. But we do even more and have committed to continuous improvement of our environmental performance. This improvement is regularly verified by an external testing laboratory as part of ISO 14001 certification.

With the introduction of an environmental management system, we have created a tool which allows us to implement our vision of ecological production in all areas of business activity. The main focus of our environmental management system is to enhance the flow of materials through our company in ecological terms – this means resources are saved, waste materials are separated and recycling is carried out. We also include our suppliers in these optimization processes.

Our company has also achieved ISO 50001 accreditation. Implementing a systematic energy management system has given us an additional instrument that allows the energy efficiency of our company to be continuously increased. Our energy management system systematically monitors all energy flows and identifies where energy savings are possible. This influences organizational and technical workflows as well as having an impact on the behavior of our employees.

In addition to improving our specific environmental performance and continuously minimizing our environmental footprint and increasing energy efficiency, our measures also pursue another key objective: the safest possible working conditions for our employees, especially when handling hazardous materials. We do not accept any compromise in this area and spare no effort to rule out risks.