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What you can rely on with ROMA

We set a very high quality standard for our products and manufacturing facilities.

Our internal monitoring system featuring the most advanced technology is certified by accredited third-party institutes. We have an ongoing monitoring agreement with the highly respected IMA Dresden testing institution, who ensure our products are regularly sampled and tested. We also maintain a general production control handbook. The organization and content of our quality handbook is highly similar to the DIN ISO 9000 ff Quality Management Handbook

Our products are manufactured in compliance with requirements laid down in the German DIN EN 14509 standard.

Construction product approval is required for our products to be used at building sites in Germany. Testing to determine the mechanical values of components is required for an approval certificate. These values are regularly monitored at the factory by our company and through third-party quality control. If these values are adhered to, the panels are given an approval mark (Ü-Zeichen). This mark guarantees to customers that the product is of flawless quality and manufactured in accordance with regulations.

Based on the latest construction products regulation, we are additionally required to create a declaration of performance for each product. This declaration is handed over to the customer with each order. The declaration of performance describes the characteristic properties of the ordered product.

It goes without saying that we have approval and certifications for Germany but also their international equivalents: We have certifications for Switzerland, Austria, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland and Canada. We carry out highly rigorous certification testing in each country. The varying fire regulations in each market are of importance in this area.

The CE mark (Conformité Européenne) pursuant to EN 14509 indicates that our products can be used throughout the world.

We are also members of the following industry associations:

IBU, Institut für Bauen und Umwelt e.V.; IFBS, Industry Association for Lightweight Steel Construction Systems