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Construction mechanical engineer

You are introduced to many different metal processing methods as part of your training as a construction mechanical engineer.

Construction mechanical engineers work in the areas of thin sheet construction, welding technology and steel and metal construction.

  • Cross-company instruction and training courses take place on a regular basis!

Description of work:

  • Planning tasks based on technical documentation
  • Manufacturing construction components and metal structures using sheet metal, piping or profiles using manual and machine manufacturing processes
  • Manufacture, assembly and disassembly of steel construction components, protective gratings, protective covers, doors, dock covers, containers, etc.
  • Carrying out welding processes
  • Assembly and disassembly of metal structures and application of different joining techniques
  • Carrying out maintenance work on systems, machines and tools

Profile of requirements:

  • A good school-leaving certificate, especially in mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • High motivation and a keen interest in technology, skilled craftsmanship, and keen willingness to learn in order to stay informed about the latest technical developments
  • Highly developed spatial visualization ability

Academic Requirements:

high school certificate, O-levels

Duration, location and qualification:

Training takes three years and is carried out in cooperation with the vocational training center in Lauingen. Your training course concludes with the IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) examination for construction mechanics.

Candidates who perform exceptionally well can reduce the length of their training.

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