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Industrial doors have to handle tough conditions and are subject to high dynamic loads and often extreme temperature fluctuations, too. They are designed to streamline operational workflows and be easy to use. Doors have to meet very stringent requirements regarding construction, functional mechanics, material, sealing and insulation. In addition, many different safety regulations for protecting people and building facilities have to be observed.

One of the areas where the greatest costs savings can be achieved for your company is cold-store doors. They are opened on average 90 to 140 times a day. That is why ROMA attaches particular importance to their airtightness. Together with its special thermal insulation, the construction is designed for a perfect fit and dimensional stability. This is truly exceptional on the market for doors with varying dimension options. Door handles are the part of the structure touched the most often. As a result, our door handles are very easy to clean and offer a standard antimicrobial surface. Whether it is a matter of cold-store or deep freeze room doors, robust versions ensure long service life and a high level of user convenience. ROMA doors are open for any application.

Quin Akademie,

Flush-fitted hinged doors in cold-store cells
Krach butcher's shop,
Retail cold-store cells including stainless steel doors
Café Lebenshilfe,
Coffee shop

Flush-fitted hinged doors in cold-store cells
Union Maraichére,
Geneva CH
Grocery distribution system

Flush-fitted hinged doors in special color RAL 6011 reseda green
Revolving door with viewing panel and access door to checkout area
Lauterbacher am See,

Combination of several rooms with flush-fitted hinged doors
Combined cell composed of cold-store cell, deep-freeze cell and food-safe cold-store cell with two sliding doors and one section door
Schwannberger GmbH,
Wholesale restaurant supplies

3 automatic sliding doors/gates
Union Maraichére,
Geneva CH
Grocery distribution system

Sliding doors

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