What you should consider when investing in a cold-store cell:

Phase 1 – Consulting

  • Are the components tested and approved by the building authorities?
  • Are there any requirements regarding sustainability, such as environmental product declaration (EPD)?
  • Do you have a static calculation?
  • Are you being advised in person on site?

Phase 2 – Consulting

  • Will the available space be used optimally?
  • Can you design the appearance of your cell as you wish?
  • Do you want your cell to be able to be adapted for future developments and changes?
  • Will the cold-store room hinged door be designed to be space-saving and easy to clean?
  • Will the cell be measured by a specialist on site?
  • Is the space concept free of supports and suspension elements?

Phase 3 – Consulting

  • Is on-time delivery and assembly guaranteed?
  • Will you get a release designation of your cold-store cell in advance?
  • Are direct adjustments to the cold-store cell still possible on site?

Phase 4 – Operation, Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Is a continuous vapor barrier being taken into account?
  • Can you ensure HACCP compliance through easy cleaning?
  • Are parts subject to wear easy and inexpensive to replace (such as door seals)?
  • Can your cell floor be inexpensively adapted for different use?